Friday, February 26, 2010

Frills Galore Rosetta

This Supersized Rosetta measures approx. 5" across and is packed full of frills! Attach to our Baby Ruffle Headband or Roxie Flair Headband or use it as a Brooch or Hair clip.




The Custom Rosetta is so versatile it can go from Hairclip to Headband to Brooch for Infant, Child or Adult. Each comes with a Hairclip and Brooch Pin. Grab one of our Headbands and clip the Hairclip into the custom made Pocket to transform your Rosetta into a sturdy headband. For infants, clip this to our Baby Ruffle Headband or any headband.

Each satin Rosetta measures approximately 4" across. Choose from one of four options or choose Create My Own and E-mail your choices. (Choose your Large Rosetta Fabric Choice and your 3 Center Roses Choices).